Paul D Gregg

System Consultant - Palo Alto - California

Consulting Rates
Regular Service: $150/hour Emergency Service: $175/hour (minimum 2 hours) Benefit from long term consulting discounts with Paul Packs!

Paul Hour Packs - Discounted Inflation Proof Hours! - Never expire!

Type Hours Cost Hourly Rate Savings
Half Day 4
$125.00 16.67%
Day 8
$100.00 33.33%
Week 40
$87.50 41.67%
Month 160
$78.13 47.91%


I accept cash (USD and TWD), checks drawn on U.S. banks, BitcoinPayPal, and precious metals.
Foreign Check Collection Fee on foreign US Dollar demoniated checks $50.

Bitcoin Acceptance Mark

Current Gold and Silver Prices from Kitco


I bill monthly, on the 1st.
For services performed for established clients, payment terms are net-14; payment is due 14 days after invoice date. NSF checks are assessed a $25 service charge.
A 1.5% late fee/month will be assessed on all past due accounts.
Any discrepancies in invoiced amounts or payments applied, must be reported to me within 14 days of the invoice date to avoid past due charges.
This fee schedule is subject to change without notice.
Latest revision: 2016-05-27.