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Welcome to the homepage of Paul David Gregg, KD4IDR in Palo Alto, California, USA.
Maidenhead Grid Square CM87wk.



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For QSL info on KD4IDR visit QRZ.com.

Feel free to e-mail me, my address is kd4idr at yahoo.com...

Personal information:

   Some tid bits for people looking for me with Google. I was born in Indianapolis (Beech Grove), Indiana in 1977. I moved from Indiana to Englewood, Florida in 1990. I graduated from Lemon Bay High School, LBHS in 1995. I lived in Fort Walton Beach, Florida from the end of 1997 to the beginning of 1999. I left Florida for Palo Alto, California in 1999.

I was named after my second cousin, Paul Ansell Creux.

CWGC Entry

Find a Grave Entry

I found out a lot about my cousin from this post on the Internet.

I contacted Mr. Zoltn Tlosi and he was able to send me a photo of my cousins grave, which no one in my family has ever seen. Thank you Mr. Zoltn Tlosi.

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