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Gobble, Gobble...

What a beautiful cool fall morning in Sunol for some turkey hunting. Took this quick peek shot while waiting for some birds to come out of the trees.

First out of the trees, a 20lb tom @ 50 yards.

The outcome of the hunt was fortold in the delicate foam of a Zombie Runner caramel latte...


39 inch Leopard


Two Bat Rays, Three Leopards

38 inch bat ray fighting goodness! got to warm up on a 32 incher ealier in the day.


Tide Gate being repaired today. Trail closed


Back to Back Bat Rays. Another 36 incher!

Got two bat rays for Labor Day 2012. Perfect day, perfect weather, perfect tide!


Deer and Coyote Hunting in Beautiful Sunol

Can you spot the coyote in this pic?


36 inch Batray!

5 minutes in the water, and LOCK UP! High-vis line went tearing through the water. This monster almost ran out 150 yards of power pro down to the dacron backing running up the slough. The 65lb test leader snapped as I pulled it up onto the shore, glad it was tired out (as was the fisherman) as I don't think I could have gotten it out if it was still in the water. Had to switch to the backup pole to fix the leader issue.

36 incher, wowser.

Droid to Ray comparison...

After the bat ray fight, this leopard was a welcome relief! Notice the all important rag flapping in the wind on the fence. Fisherman has got to have clean hands!

Tide gate is leaking bad.

Once the tide got high, the wind surfers made an appearance, must have been a couple dozen.

The final catch of the day, I shall call him mini-me, aka bait thief.


Tide Gate Woes and Duck Hunt Meeting

Tide gate is letting too much water in again. Matadero Creek has been really high near 101.

Duck hunters meeting September 19th, 6PM to 8PM


Lake Alpine

Took the quacker smacker trout fishing to Lake Alpine in Alpine County, California.
Thanks to the N6FRG (ribbit) repeater and digi on Mount Reba for APRS and voice coverage while up there!


Yabby Trappin' Continues

Had a chance to leave the trap out a little longer and in a different spot, lots more yabbys. Matadero Creek delivers!


Leapin' Leopards

No keepers, but brought five leopards up! Great fishing on the refuge.


Yabby Trappin' Trials

Made a yabby trap. Seems to be workin'! Delicious angry yabbys.


Bat Ray Bonanza

Headed out to check the out the grand opening the Cooley Landing Park in EPA, fishing didn't look so great there, so headed back to the refuge. There were bat rays everywhere feeding up in the grass. Wing tips piercing the water and even a small dinner plate sized one muching on something in the grass right in front of us. What a great day!


Duck Hunt Season right around the corner!

Don Edwards announced the 2012/2013 hunt info today. Contant Melisa before October to get your permit.

Don Edwards Waterfowl Hunt Info


Went carp fishing, just caught a bunch of yabbys.


Last week of dungees!

So many dungees were coming up the last week in Pacifica. I saw three different people bring up three crabs on a snare. I caught my first double, both keepers! What a great 2011 season. Can't wait for November 2012!


Two whopper keeper carp!


German carp still popping up!


Mini-me carp.


Mocha Gobbler

Thanks to the awesome folks at Zombie Runner for the Mocha Gobbler.


Gobble Gobble


December crabbin begins!

First keeper of the day in the cooler. It was cold as a pistol, but the wind was calm, and the waves not too large.

This helper flew in for the afternoon fishing. Would work for mackerel. Hmmm...

After a nap, time for din din.

Yummy dungeness crabby.


Dungeness with mussels?

Fresh steamed mussles, yummy.

The tide was really low and the huge waves were digging up a lot of treasure. Not only tossing around crabs, but also shellfish, fishing weights, belts, and snares. Quite a bit of awesome wave action.


Dungeness Beefcakes, Yum!

Weather was perfect for crabbing on Saturday. Day started off slow, but then picked up after noon. Brought five crabs onto the deck including these two beefcakes. Big thanks for boxes full of coffee and hot chocolate brought out by the crabbers who had left their tackle box behind. Also to the entertainment by the four ladies who were using too light of gear, but could lasso those crabs in by hand.

On the way home, I ran into a group getting out of the Big Game at Stanford. They kept saying how cold it was in Palo Alto. Wearing four layers and just coming from the chilly wind and rain in Pacifica, it felt pretty nice to me. ;-) Not to mention my green knit cap keeps me ultra cozy.

I got home kinda late so ended up having to put them on the aerator and chiller.

Fresh Dungeness Crab, nothing like it. Tastes just like the Pacific. Yummy.


Dungeness Dinners Continue

I could eat these every night. The Pacific seems to be loaded with them! The pier in Pacifica produced these two monster males. One almost got away, but a clear signal up the PowerPro made this angler set the snare a second time, and up he came. Hope to get some more this weekend.


Dungeness Season Opens!

aka. Deadliest Catch - Pacifica

The pier in Pacifica was packed. Lots of crabbers.

Lots of females were coming up with bright orange clutches of eggs.
We were all putting these crabs back for an even bigger crop of crabs next year.

Finally a keeper without a clutch.

Nothing like a freezing cold sun tan. ;-)


Almost Mega-tide fishing!tide


Bay Area Duck Hunting Press Coverage

The San Jose Mercury News had a great article (pdf backup) in the Sunday paper about the duck hunting in the bay area. Thanks for the nice coverage!


Duck Season 2011 is here!

The duck hunters from Palo Alto blended in perfectly. What a beautiful opening day. Lots of birds flying around and a brilliant sunny day on the water.

The quacker smacker being unloaded with a hold full of ducks.

The widgeon were the highlight of the day. Coming in low and fast, they never stood a chance against the Palo Altans. The poor coot was collateral damage, but you know what they say, EAT MORE COOT! Congrats to the guys next to us who called in the pair of honkers and dropped them right next to their blind. Amazing work. Thanks also to Mr. Albert Perkins, his son Al, Abalone Tony, and the entire staff of Don Edwards SF Bay NWR. What a great resource in our own back yard.

Oh, and what day would be complete without a visit to the Ice Cream Sandwich Android???

Which without we would never know what the weather was going to be or be able to navigate to the duck blind... ;-)




Definitely the color of the season.
Hat, mask, jacket, shirt, pants, boots, gloves, chair, cooler, boat, and outboard cover.



Shark Day 2011


Matadero Creek Carp? Yup



Not only fun to catch, but very yummy to eat!


Honker Bonkin' is Here!

For the next 5 days at least... ;-) The quacker smacker ready, trailer bearings repacked, the Evinrude fueled, and the hunters outfitted and provisioned.

2011-10-18 - Update from the refuge. 20 hunters participated in the bonking with 4 geese taken. Congrats.


Mega-Tide Fishing!



Five leopard sharks and three carp. No keeper sizes though, largest was 30 inches. A perfect day for fishing.

Only downer was a mis-informed California Land Management patrolman...



Pheasants and... crayfish?


A winning combination. Thanks for the nose Spur! Even in the gale force


Duck Hunt Meeting

It was great seeing so many familiar and new faces at the duck hunt meeting tonight. For the folks that were asking me about the blind information, it is available at the following URL. If you have something to add, feel free to e-mail me for edit access.


California Coastal Cleanup Day!

qs 1

Took the quacker smacker out to the refuge today in Mountain View to do a little duck blind cleanup and bird recon. I'll be posting information as collected to a spreadsheet on Google Docs for Ponds AB1 and A2E. Ran into Bat Ray Bob on the way out!


3 hours of motoring around on a single tank of gas. Also came home to find my refuge permit in the mail!
Thanks to all the folks at the Don Edward's NWR for your hard work.


Don Edwards has posted the refuge hunt information. They will also be issuing permits at the duck hunter meeting on the 21st if you e-mail ahead.


Labor Day Weekend Leopards




Keeper Leopards all Labor Day Weekend with the great tides. Bat rays too!


Free Fishing Day Saturday September 3rd, 2011!

Greate tides all of Labor Day weekend! Come out and fish license free on Saturday.


More Leopards at the 'gate! Tide was not that high but that didn't keep the leopards away.




Batrays and Leopard Sharks, oh my! (also in 3D! Like JAWS. Break out your shades...)

Lots of action at the tide gate today. Also some notices up that the county is going to be repairing it this month so that the Adobe Creek undercrossing will be back open. yay!

3d batray

lep 1

lep 2

lep 3


More New Moon Fish




Stealth New Moon Fishing Results!

phantom ray

Wonder where they got the idea from? Nature of course!

bat ray

The bat rays were biting Friday night and Saturday morning. Three in all. Glad to know they are all not dead yet. No leopard sharks though... :/


Stealth Full Moon Fishing Results!

80lb test PowerPro breakoff. WOW!


National Coverage of Shark/Ray Die Off - Thanks Linda!

Unprecedented Die-Off of Leopard Sharks
in Redwood City, Calif. Bay Area

2011 by Linda Moulton Howe

“The one thing that we do know is that the leopard sharks
are washing up dead in record numbers.”

- Sean Van Sommeran, Exec. Dir., Pelagic Shark Research Foundation



South Bay Leopard Sharks and Bat Rays are in trouble!

Something has been killing off the leopard sharks and bat rays in Redwood City. So far I haven't seen anything south of the Dumbarton Bridge. Here is a story with some photos from the Chronicle.

There is an organization named the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation out of Santa Cruz, California that is investigating the deaths.

Please support them via a direct donation or by a purchase from their online store.

Team Pelagic

Help save our shark buddies!

Paul with a keeper leopard shark.


Bad news from Fairfield.

The pheasants are being put out to pasture. Thanks for all the memories Fritz!


*resurrected Kennedy accent* "4HP of FURY!" LOL

"Ask not what an Evinrude can do for you, but what you can do for an Evinrude."


The Fishing SuperMoon Delivers! Including a golfing pheasant...

leopard one

I shall call him, Mini-Me! Five minutes in the water, and BOOM.

leopard two

Ah, finally a keeper makes an appearance on the outgoing tide.

golfing pheasant

Not only does the Palo Alto golf course have a goose problem, they also have a pheasant problem!
Get on my grill!


paul with pheas

Pheasants in Fairfield you say? Oh yes, lots of them.
Started off a little rainy, but became a beautiful sunny windy day.
Thanks again to Fritz for flushing out the flying chickens!


Nice day out on the refuge. Pretty warm, but the ducks and geese were flying! One week of quacker smacking left.


After no luck at the tide gate on Tuesday, I decided to not let the great tides go to waste and headed out to the mythical Faber-Laumeister Trail fishing spot on the refuge near East Palo Alto. It was great fishing with lots of hits and keeper leopard shark.


The refuge welcome sign at the end of Runnymede St. in EPA. Biking and Fishing on the Yes list. Yay.

bike and bay

Park and fish!

paul and shark

On the outgoing tide, got a huge splash on some squid and this guy popped out. Owner 4/0 ringed circle hook had him right in the corner of the mouth. Didn't even have to set the hook, just reeled him in.

big shark


foggy fishing

Foggy fishing at the tide gate in Palo Alto.

Support the California Department of Fish and Game K-9 Program

k9 dogk9 dog and wardenwarden boat

Contact Warden Shimek (lshimek at or Warden Wurster (cwurster at They are selling fantastic t-shirts and sweatshirts. Who could turn down a shirt with a yellow lab K9 dog on it? Just beware of the meth labs!

meth labs


paul with some pheasants

Flying Chickens? Oh yes, lots of flying chickens in Fairfield! Thanks for a great day Fritz!


Paul Duck Hunting


Perfect weather for quacker smacking. Spoonies were the duck of the day! Lots of ruddies flying around low and fast.


Great weather this weekend. Windy even as we were setting up. Had to use the anchor during decoy deployment in the dark. Spoonies and ruddies. Think we had a widgeon fly by as well. Wind died down and the sun came out about 11AM.


paul with ducks

Finally got some weather in. Spoonies and ruddys. Started shooting birds once we got a nice bit of rain and wind blowing through about 11AM.

2010-11-07 Duck Hunt

HOH + Cold Front = Duck Hunt Fun

Rain, I feel it, it's coming
The ducks coming down like...

Lots of rain today, with wind! Spoonies everywhere! And a wigeon. Lot of ruddy ducks hanging around. Packed it up around 12:30PM when the wind started to die down.

2010-10-30 Duck Hunt


Another great weekend of waterfowl hunting. Mallard, pintain, spoonies, and ruddys were all out and about while the weather held until 11AM. Then the sun came out and the wind died down. Looking forward to more "great" weather.

2010-10-23 Duck Hunt



Operating on our home turf the duck hunters from Palo Alto dominated. Three spoonies, two ruddys and a mallard. Wind was fantastic, 15-20mph from the south with a storm coming in. Ducks flying everwhere. A fantastic opening day on the refuge.

2010 Duck Hunt Countdown!

Standing there alone the ship is waiting.
All systems are go. Are you sure?
Control is not convinced
But the computer has the evidence
No need to abort.
The countdown starts...

Go / No Go!

2010/2011 Hunt License
Ferderal Duck Stamp
California Duck Stamp
HIP Stamp
Refuge Permit

Palo Alto Fishing Report


Fishing at the gate was great today. Three bat rays, two huge ones. Circle hooks and squid. Lots of ducks moving in, and three more days of fishing!

Huge bat ray!


They were biting on Sunday, September 26th. I picked up two bat rays and a leopard shark. Folks around me got a shark and hooked up on a couple of rays. Awesome fishing at the 'gate! They were being taken on squid and 4/0 OWNER Super Mutu circle hooks. Hooked in the corner of mouth everytime and no need to set the hook, yes! Next good fishing weekend is October 9th and 10th with big tides.

bat ray onebat ray twoleopard shark

2010 Duck Season is almost here!

Take 'Em!

Take 'Em!

Hunter information meeting October 6th!

2010 South Bay Fishing Photos!

Paul with a shark! Shark pic!

A shrimp squid combo on a OWNER Super Mutu 4/0 ringed circle hook landed this leopard shark.

Muddy Mud Skipper, LOLZ

This lunker (Pacific Staghorn Sculpin) was brought up a on #16 circle hook with a piece of shrimp. LOLZ

Bob with a ray!

Bob with a whopper shark!

Bat Ray Bob Delivers!

Hunting and fishing in Palo Alto you say?
Nearby fantastic seasonal watefowl hunting, and some really fun fishing!

 I often get asked when I am out and about with a fishing rod or shotgun, where I'm headed. Living in the urban environment, often you run into folks that are completely disconnected from the natural world around them. Many folks are often surprised to find out that even though we live in this urban area, you can still experience a little of the sportsman, angler, or hunter life without a road trip.

Before embarking on your South Bay sporting expedition, I recommend a few things:

  • Make sure you have the proper licenses.

Obtaining a California Fishing License

 A California Fishing License is simple to obtain, it can be purchased from any local sporting goods shop, and now even online. I recommend Big 5 in Menlo Park on El Camino. Make sure you get the Bay/Delta Endorsement Stamp as well. Without this stamp, you can't fish the bay. One oddity about the California Fishing License is how it has to be displayed. It must be visible above the waste line while fishing. Big 5 sells a little waterproof zip lock bag and pin which works perfectly. Just make sure it is on tight. It can get windy out on the bay! The CA DFG removed the Bay/Delta stamp and display requirements in 2010.

Obtaining a California Hunting License

  A California Hunting License requires an extra hoop in order to get. If you have never had a hunting license before you will be required to take a California Hunter Safety Class and pass a test. The tests consist of a multiple choice exam as well as a live-fire range test. Don't worry if you aren't a great shot yet, the range test is just for testing your ability to safely handle a firearm, not hit a target accurately. This a great introduction to hunting and firearm safety and is actually a lot of fun. That class can be taken at Reed's Indoor Range in Santa Clara. The class is taught by Bill Tidwell, he is a fantastic instructor with decades of experience.
 After taking the class, you will receive a California Hunting Class Certificate. It can be used to purchase a California Hunting License, or even apply for a non-resident concealed carry permit (Thanks Florida!) Don't forget to also pick up your ducks stamps ( California, Federal, and even Upland if you want!) and Harvest Information Program stamp.


Ok, I am licensed. Where can I go fishing?

Palo Alto Saltwater Fishing

Palo Alto Baylands

The City of Palo Alto website has a FAQ that states the following:

Where can I fish in the Baylands?

The fishing areas are the sides of the levee in front of the Nature Center and out by the Tide Gate. All Fish and Game laws apply. You may only fish with one pole in the bay.

Palo Alto Freshwater Fishing

Palo Alto Foothills Park

The Palo Alto Foothills Park has one gotcha you have to watch out for. It is open to residents only! Make sure you have some kind of documentation with you that shows you are a resident. Often times, when you arrive early to fish, the ranger station at the front gate won't be manned. I have never actually had to show that I was a resident to enter, but there is always a first time.

The Palo Alto Foothills Park website states:

Lake, Fishing, and Boating

Fishing is permitted in Boronda Lake with a license only. The lake is stocked with bass, catfish, and sunfish. While swimming is prohibited you can enjoy the lake with your non-motorized and hand-launched boat. Canoes are also available for rent on the weekends and holidays from May 1st to October 31st, weather permitting.

Arastradero Park

Arastradero Park doesn't have any of the odd residential requirements like Foothills Park, just a hefty hike to the lake.

Lake and Fishing

Arastradero Lake is a twenty minute hike from the parking lot and is open all year to fishing. All California Fish and Game rules apply. Boats, flotation devices, and swimming are not permitted.

Ok, I have caught my fishing limit, where can I go hunting?

For hunting you have to head out to the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge near Mountain View or East Palo Alto.

Duck, geese, and coot hunting start in October and last through January.

Also, don't forget when hunting these ponds to use a non-toxic lead free shot.

Ravenswood Ponds near East Palo Alto

(An aerial view of the Dumbarton Bridge. The two Ravenswood ponds are colored in red.

These are the only two nearby ponds in the refuge that can be hunted from the levees. Others exist near Alviso.)

Refuge Ponds near Mountain View

(Pond A2E a few years ago with Moffett Field in the background.
All the duck blinds have since been replaced.)

The refuge ponds require a boat to hunt, as hunting can only be done from the existing duck blinds.

In order to hunt these reclaimed salt ponds, you must obtain a special refuge permit.

Anyone can volunteer to help make the duck blinds better for all bay area hunters.

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